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[Question] In every Forex websites and YouTube videos all i see are plain candle charts. Why don’t people use ‘Ichimoku Clouds’, which provides more data points?

[Question] In every Forex websites and YouTube videos all i see are plain candle charts. Why don’t people use ‘Ichimoku Clouds’, which provides more data points? submitted by BronxLens to Forex [link] [comments]

Day #2 of my Forex Journey

Real quick before I get into my next steps of my FX Journey, id like to say thank you to all the people who commented on my last post! All of the tips I got were really eye-opening and introduced me to different parts of FX trading that I didn't even know existed. So thank you so much, and I hope to get more interesting feedback from you guys in the future! Also Im going to probably change my writing frequency from daily to biweekly. I think writing about every little trade is not going to be as beneficial to me as writing about my overall progress at certain points throughout the week.
I started this trading day out by learning up on order flow. A whole bunch of you guys suggested really interesting youtubers to watch, and I started with Mr. pip's series on order flow. After I finished up watching a few of his videos, I started to tweak my trading plan so that I could get in some chart time. I changed currency pair from EUUSD to the AUD/USD, the time frame from the 4 hour to the 1 hour, and my indicators from RSI, Stochastic, 2 SMAs and ADX to ATR, RSI, and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. I also added a little fundamental analysis in my trading plan because I think that I am being far too reliant on my indicators. I planned to check the economic calendar and determine the general trend of the currency pairs that are strongly correlated to the AUD/USD before I began my chart analysis. In addition to all of my analysis, I tried to practice using the techniques I learned in Mr. Pip's videos and analyze the order flow of the chart. Even if my analysis of order flow is wrong, as long as I am getting practice I am learning.
Eventhough I planned to use today to back-test indicators and find a solid new plan, I did not have enough time. I ended up getting on my demo account really late in the day, and started to force myself to enter a trade. Destructive habits like this could lead into some massive issues when I eventually get into live trading. To combat this harmful attitude specifically, I will restrict myself to trading on certain parts of the day (for example session overlaps, news releases, and earlier in the day). Despite this mistake I still continued with my trading strategy. I calculated all the currency correlations for AUS/USD using the past weeks economic data, and set my indicators in place. After checking the overall trend of the most strongly correlated pairs (Positive: EUUSD, GPB/USD, Negative: USD/CAD, USD/JPY) I started to analyze the order flow. All the correlated currencies, except for EUUSD, indicated that the AUD/USD would fall, while my order flow analysis indicated the opposite. Seeing as though I am extremely new to order flow, I dismissed this analysis, and ended up forcing a trade on the AUD/USD going short when my indicators seemed to line up correctly. I learned from last time that I should not alter or close my trade purely based on emotion, and to just wait till the market hits my stop loss or take profit. I included a trailing stop loss of 60 pips this time, but I have no evidence to base that number range on. The trade is currently open and I am down about 30 pips.
Although I am not labeling this trade as a loser yet, I can definitely see a lot of holes in my trading strategy. The most obvious mistake in my eyes right now is my use of indicators. Currently all my trades are purely based on what my indicators say, and since I do not have any back-tested data to support the credibility of my indicators, it feels a lot like strategic gambling. Another issue is that I feel far too reliant on indicators alone. I think that if I can find ways to include various types of analysis efficiently and evenly in my trading plan I will become a much more skillful and well-rounded trader. In order to combat these two issues I will begin forming various types of trading strategies this weekend and back-test them all extensively. I also plan on researching more on price action, order flow, and Naked Forex.
Once again any and all feedback is welcome. I am just beginning Forex, but it had been a huge passion of mine and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
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Ichimoku Basics Video For the Beginner Ichimoku Forex Forecast / 1, Mar 2020 Start Trading Profitably Today with Ichimoku For Beginners - Forex & Bitcoin - Make Money Online Ichimoku High Probability Trading - YouTube EURGBP Live Ichimoku Forex Analysis  14, Jan 2020 Ichimoku Basics for the Beginner - YouTube Ichimoku: The Best Technical Indicator in the World - YouTube

Analisis Video YouTube Menganalisis tampilan video dan membantu mengoptimalkan SEO YouTube; Pembanding Channel YouTube Membandingkan YouTubers dalam 5 dimensi dan dapatkan laporannya; Alat untuk Kata Kunci Youtube Jejak utama kata kunci di Youtube, trend dan lebih banyak lagi berdasarkan beberapa klik; Menghitung Realtime Subscriber YouTube Alat terbaik untuk menghitung live subscriber yang ... Weekly Ichimoku Technical analysis for the US Stock Market. We analyze various Dow, S&P500, and Nasdaq futures to determine what the sentiment for the market is as well as checking to see if a ... On the No Nonsense Forex YouTube channel, I even broke it up into two videos, and will post both of them here. We are first going to learn about the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, and the basic strategies for trading it. There is no purpose to going any deeper until you’ve learned the pieces and how to use it first. If you already know how, scroll down until you see the second video titled “Ichimoku ... Analyse technique, logiciels Waldata et Motivewave. 3Par had a video  on  YouTube that illustrates how their wide stripping works. Note: A ‘dry’ topic. The intended audience are for those who are involved in infrastructure planning (eg. system administrators, the CIO or CTO who are facing performance,  budget and other areas of constraints). Taking a look at EUR/GBP, GBP/NZD, AUD/JPY and more as we provide an outlook on the currency pairs from an Ichimoku Kinko Hyo perspective. Visit us at for forex trades ... Chaîne Youtube F O R M A T I O N S Contact Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO, qu' est-ce ? Un marché est un lieu où se rencontrent acheteurs et vendeurs. Leurs interactions déterminent le prix d'un actif dont l'évolution sur un graphique peut être représentée de façon la plus descriptive par des chandeliers japonais. L'application de l'Ichimoku en supplément permet de décrire c TRADER AVEC ICHIMOKU : 3 TECHNIQUES Quel que soit l'actif choisi, un indice, une action, une paire de devises ou une matière première, le marché est le lieu d'échanges entre acheteurs et vendeurs. La confrontation de ces deux parties opposées est représentée par le prix dont la variation est la conséquence de l'ajustement entre l'offre et la demande à un instant. La vie du marché est ... Rediffusion sur YouTube de ma revue de marché Ichimoku Kinko Hyo enregistrée en direct ce mardi 31 mars à 10 heures . Durant la revue de marché, j'ai analysé les indices futures SP500, DAX et CAC40 à la fois pour établir des plans de trading de moyen terme et intraday. Forex ichimoku. Revue de marché du 11 mars 2014 avec ichimoku et les chandeliers japonais." Ichimoku Webinaire par Cypressat . Ichimoku webinaire, revue de marché du 24 septembre 13 star; star; star; star; star; L'EURGBP, baissier début 2014. Chaine youtube de Khali entièrement dédiée à l'Ichimoku kinko hyo Tous les secrets de l'Ichimoku قناة خالد البوزيدي ...

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Ichimoku Basics Video For the Beginner

Start Trading Profitably Today with Ichimoku For Beginners series. In this video, I explain in simple terms the 4 main components of the Ichimoku Cloud Trading System and easy step by step rules ... How to use Ichimoku cloud is given in this video , For both intraday and week as well as long position trading , watch the whole video carefully if you are not understanding leave a comment. Ichimoku Forex Analysis on GBPUSD, GBPJPY/ Explained Breakout Strategy - Duration: 52:18. Japanese Forex Trader Kei 664 views. 52:18. Why You're Failing as a Trader + Candle Sticks & Volume - ... This is a video for learning the basics of Ichimoku. The video will cover all of the components and what to look for and also how to trade 2 of the ichimoku ... In this video I am showing how to trade Ichimoku Tenkan Bounce using hidden divergence. Our members are taught to take high probability trades using the LST = L... Ichimoku Forex Analysis on GBPUSD / 13 May, 2020 - Duration: 1:02:17. Japanese Forex Trader Kei 869 views. 1:02:17. How to identify a trend by Ichimoku Kumo's Senko span B / 15 May, 2020 ... Andrew Keene, Founder and CEO Alpha Shark, explains how to trade with Ichimoku cloud as well as all details about this trading tool. - Learn how to use the b...